Being a KI Representative

We welcome your interest in taking an active role in our organization!
That is ofcourse a great honor for us!
So, a little about being a representative of Kempo International:

The whole purpose of Kempo International is to bring practitioners from
different Kenpo/Kempo styles, and others that want ofcourse, together
on seminars and conventions to share knowledge and views and to learn
from eachother. This way we want to do our part in bringing peace and
understanding to the world, step by step.
We DO NOT engage in martial arts politics and don't want our members
and representatives to discuss matters as religion or world politics
when getting together or on internet.
Also, we do not organize competitions anymore as in the past they have
always been a platform for arguments and unhappiness.

Representing KI
As a Representative, we want you to actively promote the organization
as a proud member everywhere you go as a Martial Artist.
You are one of the Team!
You are expected to recruit members actively and to make that even more
interesting to you, the incentives are really great!

Seminars, Gatherings, Conventions
KI is hosting one big annual KI Convention where we try to gather as many
of our members from around the world as possible.
Besides this, you are as a Representative recommended to host seminars
and gatherings under the KI brand to attract more interest to the
organization. This is also a good way for you to make extra money.
You are welcome to invite any of our Seniors to teach at your events.

Promotions - Black Belt Levels and Instructor titles
We do offer promotion tests on Black Belt levels, and you can do so as well.
It is always good to invite our President or one of the Semiors to sit in
on the promotion panel. Note that they will not sign any diplomas unless
the person is really worthy of the degree.

Ideas and Suggestions
If you have any ideas or suggestions of things that can enhance the members
experience of the organization, you are ofcourse always welcome to share
those with our President.

Financial matters
To get the licence to be a KI Representative is 500usd. (yearly fee)
After that you will receive 50% of all membership fees that are generated
in the area you are Representative of. Same goes for Promotion fees.
When inviting our President or a Senior, you are in charge of covering
their expences plus any fee they have to appear.
Seniors are to pay 20% of their appearance fee to KI when attending a
function as a KI Representative. This have to be communicated with the President.