Generally about titles promotion

All titles are destined for Instructors only!
One can only be promoted to the titles; Instructor (English),
Sensei (Japanese) or Sifu (Chinese), after succesfully
finished KI Instructor Program. As the instructor's
experience increases, he/she can be graduated to higher
Instructor Titles. Usually it is Instructors that work with
martial arts on a professional level, that chose to test for
a higher Instructor Title.

How long do you need to practice for the next rank?

There are no set criteria in Kempo International that demand a fixed period
of time between ranks. The Promotion Committee makes its decisions based on
the persons proven and demonstrated skills and knowledge. It will also determine
if the person possesses sufficient authority and emanates an aura of confidence
and determination worthy of a higher rank.

Kempo International Official dan ranks and belt colors

1st Dan (Shodan), Black Belt 1 Stripe (Sensei/Instructor)
2nd Dan (Nidan), Black Belt 2 Stripes
3rd Dan (Sandan), Black Belt 3 Stripes
4th Dan (Yondan), Red and Black Block Belt (Renshi/Master)
5th Dan (Godan), Red and Black Block Belt
6th Dan (Rokudan), Red and White Block Belt (Shihan/Professor)
7th Dan (Shichidan), Red and White Block Belt
8th Dan (Hachidan), Red belt with Gold Stripe (Kyoshi/Sr. Professor)
9th Dan (Kudan), Red Belt with Gold border (Hanshi/Grandmaster)
10th Dan (Judan), Red Belt with Gold border (Meijin/Sr. Grandmaster)

Naturally our black belts can wear their black belts with 1-10 stripes or
Kempo style black belts with 5dan bars plus stripes.