Welcome home - your friends are already here!

KI affiliation is open to anyone regardless of style, system, rank or other affiliations!
We are not interested in politics and do not interfere or direct the way that affiliated
martial artists run their organizations or any other affiliation they might be involed with.
We offer you two kinds of membership forms; Individual Membership and the more
DeLuxe Lifetime Membership. We warmly invite you to join our group.
The best way of obtaining a membership is through our representatives!
If there isn't a representative in your area, then you can use the links to the right ->

Benefits of an Annual Individual Membership:
- KI membership patch
- KI membership certificate
- KI Kempo Passport
- Invitations to join official KI events
- Opportunity to promotions by our Board of Directors
- Discounts at the KI event shop and online shop
Individual Membership fee: $100/year

Benefits of a Lifetime Individual Membership:
- Deluxe KI membership patch
- Lifetime Certificate with your name, title and degree
- KI Kempo passport
- Opportunity to promotions by our Senior Advisory board
- (Black Belt degrees and Instructor titles)
- Worldwide registered grades/titles
- Worldwide network of masters, teachers and students
- Mentorship for your future training
- Access to high experience of martial arts
Lifetime Membership fee: $500

Annual School Affiliation
This membership has an annual fee and the affiliation includes:
- Annual School Certificate
- Individual membership for the schools chiefinstructor
- Possibility for the schools chief instructor to teach on the
 international stage when bringing students to the seminar
- Worldwide network of masters, teachers and students
- The schools members are invited to join official events
- Opportunity to promotions Dan and Instructor titles
- Opportunity to have the official KI instructors visiting your
 seminars and your school
- International registered grades/titles
- Access to use KI logo and trademark
- Access to high experience of martial arts, marketing, economy
Annual School Affiliation fee: $250

Lifetime School Affiliation
This membership has only one Lifetime School Affiliation fee,
which is the annual fee times five.
The membership includes the same as the annual school affiliation
but last as long as the school is in business.
- Includes 3 individual lifetime memberships
Lifetime School Affiliation fee: $1,250