KI Events

Welcome to the 2017 Kempo International World Gathering in cooperation with World Kata League!
With Master Seminars and Competitions in Kata and Self Defense!

Date: August 10-13th, 2017
Place: Southern Sweden (TBA)
Airport: Copenhagen, Denmark

Traditional Kata/Form (Individual)
Traditional Kata/Form (Team)
Traditional Weapon Kata/Form (Individual)
Traditional Weapon Kata/Form (Team)
Freestyle Kata/Form (Individual)
Freestyle Kata/Form (Team) Freestyle Weapon Kata/Form (Individual)
Freestyle Weapon Kata/Form (Team)

Self Defense (Tori+Uke)

Minior up to 12yo
Junior kyu ranked 13-17yo
Junior Black Belts 13-17yo
Male kyu ranked 18yo+
Female kyu ranked 18yo+
Male Black Belts 1-4th Dan
Female Black Belts 1-4th Dan
Master Division (mixed, 5th Dan+)

Registration fees
To be announced. It will be an all inclusive deal.

Note that this competition includes:
Kempo International Championships
World Kata League Championships
All competitors will recieve a diploma of attendance.
1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive a medal.

All categories are judged by 5 referees. Highest and lowest score is deducted and the total of the remaining three is the score given to the competitor. Highest score wins. If there are two or more with the same total, they will perform again to settle who is given that place.
With categories larger than 10 competitors there will be qualification rounds.

Other rules
Competitor may wear any style uniform (gi) they prefer, but must wear a KI patch on the left sleave with their national flag underneith.
We prefer white or black uniform.
Competitor must be a KI member and have a competitors licence issued by KI. These are issued by the national or state representative.

Last day to register your team and pay the registration fees is JULY 1st, 2017 ! (no exceptions!)